We pack and ship 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly materials. Water activated paper tape, recycled paper shipping labels, paper wrapping if needed, and more. We reuse almost every box that we receive from our suppliers, making it almost completely waste free! We kindly ask all of our packages to come with no plastic materials, and ship all of our zero waste items the same way. All of our shipping materials are 100% recyclable and compostable.



The transition to our products avoids waste and the use of valuable resources so substantial that the mail order amortized environmentally.

To further improve our environmental performance, we operate our mail order business with the following guidelines:
  • We urge our suppliers to send us the goods as unpacked as possible, without packaging made of plastic and without unnecessary advertising supplements
  • We always use shipping boxes and wrapping paper made of recycled material
  • Whenever possible, we already use used shipping boxes and packing materials
  • We tie up your shipping boxes with biodegradable parcel string of natural jute or paper tape in larger boxes with heavy contents. We replace the usual plastic tape. In addition, the shipping box remains almost intact, so you can continue to use it
  • We have scaled shipping information to a minimum to work with smaller shipping labels
  • We print our shipping labels using the direct thermal method. As a result, we use neither ink, nor laser toner, nor ribbons
  • Our shipping labels are free of phenols